A Guide to the Causes, Cure and Treatments of Sleep Disorders

A Guide to the Causes, Cure and Treatments of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disturbances have bothered most individuals at some point in their lives. It occurs irrespective of the age of people. Sleep disorders can be short term and long term depending on the cause and its treatment. Sleep disorders involve disturbed sleep due to inability to fall asleep, the inability to go back to sleep, and frequent waking up during the night. Tiredness, fatigue, irritation and difficulty to concentrate throughout the day are the major consequences of disturbed sleeping pattern. Hence there are sleep disorder treatment centers opened in all major cities to help you to get the proper sleep through various treatments of sleep disorders.

Causes of Sleep Disorder
·         Insomnia or the inability to sleep for few nights, months or years in one of the major causes. It is caused due to stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, digestive problems, or other disease and conditions.

·         Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is another major cause marked by continuous movement of legs.

·         Sleep apnea resulting in interrupted breathing and teeth grinding can be the causes of your disturbed sleeping patterns.

·         Other causes include allergies, cold, respiratory infections, frequent urination, severe pain are hindrance to your good night sleep keeping you awake throughout the night.

·         Especially in children, bedwetting is a major cause of disrupted sleep.

Role of sleep disorder treatment centers
Sleep disorder treatment centers help in the diagnosis and treatment of you disrupted sleeping patterns. They are home to various treatments of sleep disorders so that you can your deep slumber without any hindrance. The sleep disorder treatment centers have experts and equipment to study your sleeping patterns making a root cause analysis to detect the factor leading to sleep disorders and provide the right treatment accordingly.
Sleep disturbances become disorders if they are not cleared after several days.

At this point of time it is necessary to visit the sleep disorder treatment centers. The professionals and doctors will recommend you the following tests after a thorough check up and consultation:

·         Polysomnography: a sleep study

·         electroencephalogram (EEG)

·         genetic blood testing in rare cases of narcolepsy or unpredictable bouts of falling asleep

it is after these tests, a person will be provided the correct treatments of sleep disorders.
The treatment centers will take special care of the person and taking into consideration the test results will prescribe any of the following treatments:

·         Detecting bedwetting and potty training issues in children ensuring that it happens in the proper way.

·         Prescribing right dosage of sleeping pills ensuring minimal side effects.

·         Prescribing right dosage of melatonin supplements for the proper hormonal balance.

·         Medication for allergy or cold, if that is the cause of sleep disruption.

·         Addressing and diagnosing other health conditions, providing medications accordingly.

·         Prescribing the usage of breathing device or surgery to combat sleep apnea

·         In case of teeth grinding providing a dental guard.

·         Loss of weight in case of overweight individuals to help reduce the sleep disorder.

·         Providing a regular sleeping schedule

·         Psychotherapy to reduce stress or anxiety

·         Reducing consumption of evening water, and limiting caffeine intake

·         Reduction in tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Thus sleep disorder treatment centers have specific treatment provided by experts for all kinds of sleep disorders to help you getting the proper sleep. You will find consultation, expert advice, diagnosis and treatment under one roof.

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