Do You Sleep All Day?

Do You Sleep All Day?

Yes, I actually asked this to one of my friends one day to which he replied that he was ready to do anything if he was given the freedom to sleep all day because that was what he felt like. Jokes apart, it was not due to laziness or something. It was rather due to the treatment he was undergoing for feeling out of breath occasionally in his sleep. The medical term for this is sleep apnea where the breathing suddenly becomes shallow and infrequent in sleep. He was prescribed modafinil drug and this is a wonderful drug for sleep apnea.

Benefits Of Modafinil

1.          Provigil is an agent promoting wakefulness and if different in nature from other stimulants.

2.          It is known for improving the mood and energy levels of a person, especially someone who is fatigued and sleepy.

3.          The US Food and Drug Administration has approved modafinil drug, as a drug for sleep apnea, "shift-work sleep disorder" and excessive sleepiness caused due to a medical condition called narcolepsy.

4.           Provigil is helpful in treating symptoms of bipolar depression.

5.          One dose of Provigil drug may even make fast recovery from general anesthesia.

How Does Modafinil Work?

This tablets contain active Provigil, which is Central Nervous System stimulant. It acts by stimulating certain reactions and activities in the central nervous system, that is, the brain and the spinal cord. The exact way in which Provigil works on reducing the sleepiness and increasing wakefulness is not clear. It perhaps affects brain areas responsible for sleep and produces the effect.

In people suffering from sleep apnea what it does it that it relieves people of extreme desire to sleep during the day which occurs as a result of using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), a therapy for sleep apnea. People who work night shifts may take this to stay alert. This is different to other groups of CNS stimulants, like the amphetamine group of medicines which also promote wakefulness.

But this difference is the main reason why the potential for abuse of Provigil drug is less than the others. Though there may be chances of addiction due to prolonged use. Do not take the medicine just as an excuse to drive off sleep.

Are Modafinil Pills Available Online?

If the readers are wondering can i buy this without prescription, then the answer is yes. They are available online over a wide range of online pharmacies. People living in Canada , USA can also find Provigil pills in usa pharmacy online. Though people find the price to be high, one can always look for discount for this medicine.

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