Employee Drug Testing – Benefits That an Employer Can Derive

Employee Drug Testing – Benefits That an Employer Can Derive

To ensure healthy and peaceful work environment, employers from across the world take different measures. These measures make the life easier for the employees because at a workplace, a number of factors could influence the working capability, environment as well as the productivity. One of those measures is drug and alcohol testing in the workplace Brisbane and this is what most of the business owners are forced to do across the globe. There are a number of reasons behind this and even if an employer has no reasons, still he can derive certain benefits from such tests. In this post, we will review some of the benefits of employee drug testing Brisbane.

Before we start, it is important to note that the manpower is an important asset for an employer and thus, he takes different measures for safeguarding them. These measures eventually become the USP of the company and are highlighted the most in the employee retention policies.

Health and safety – The drug and alcohol testing in the workplace Brisbane when implemented in the workplace, can become the biggest deterrent for drug and alcohol addicts. Implementing such measures ensures the health and safety of the employees regardless of whether they are a drug addict or not. Moreover, it discourages employees from using these banned substances.

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to a higher degree of absentees from the office, which means the productivity is enhanced straightaway. A research conducted around three years back revealed that most of the absentees were recorded because of the illness caused by drug and alcohol usage.

Reduction in the number of work related hazards – This is another benefit that employers derive by implementing employee drug testing Brisbane. Records say that the number of fatalities and accidents decrease drastically when the employees are not under the influence of drugs and alcohols. They are more focused and attentive towards their work and this puts a total halt on the accidents caused as the result of inattentiveness.

Ruling out the casualties by prevention – Influence of different drugs and alcohol can result in harmful consequences, not just for the addict for the entire workforce. Not only the workers are disturbed, but certain conditions can arise that could demand immediate intervention of the employer. The time and resources, both are wasted because of such conditions. A drug addict member of staff can be troublesome to other employees and especially female workers and force them to quit the job. Thus, employers go for urine drug testing Port Hedland to ensure that all the employees work in the best work environment.

Fewer compensation claims – The employers receive yet another benefit that they don't have to pay compensation claims every now and then. An independent study revealed that the compensation claims dropped from 14 to 6 percent after the employer implemented employee drug testing Brisbane. Apart from this, they don't have to pay medical expenses as much as they had to pay before implementing these tests at the office place. Moreover, urine drug testing Port Hedland increase the employer-employee relation in an office.

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