How to Construct a Road Safety Barrier?

How to Construct a Road Safety Barrier?

How to construct a road safety barrier made efforts to achieve "little the cause of the dead" is an important subject in front of each road transport enterprises. The cause of the problem and the root lies in: one is a passenger vehicle serious illegal passenger; Second, the passenger vehicle overloading behavior has a rise trend; 3 it is the vehicle speed phenomenon prominent;

Four is the enterprise security responsibility subject not clear, for the driver's education regulation does not reach the designated position; Fifth, vehicle unsafe; It is dangerous to six sections not timely rectification made by improper measures of emergency actions. On the deep-seated causes of road transportation enterprises. These problems are mainly caused by the lack of understanding of the dislocation and the management.

Know the dislocation. For the vast majority of road transports enterprises not say do not take the road traffic safety problem. Have sound safety management agencies; There are plenty of safety management; Have a perfect safety management system and so on. Specific problems once appear. Some business leaders will have to know dislocation. Such as: in relation to the economic interests of the enterprise or individual or safety and production contradiction occurs when a longitudinal ideological understanding will consciously or unconsciously occurs deviation is often heavy light production safety production and business operation. When the driver in the case of road traffic accidents made by some enterprises in order to reduce the accident responsibility would have to undertake economic compensation is not willing to safety accident responsibility.

The absence of administration "safety first", "safety quality is enterprise's life" service tenet, etc. These reflect road transport enterprises of slogans in road transportation enterprise rules and regulations or the wall everywhere. But don't deny that there are some companies is to write on the paper made by hanging on the wall is not implemented in action; Some in order to cope with the superior check made by fabricating data or even build a false account; Some of the operation of the vehicle to hosting of package and so on cause serious absence of management.

The main countermeasures are as follows.

1.The driver management. In human, vehicle, road, the four elements. The driver is the key factor for road traffic safety is the first road safety barrier. So it is very important to strengthen the management of the driver. Longitudinal to the good driver hired off first. High-quality drivers are the basis of road traffic safety especially road transport enterprises employ high team driver must improve its barriers to entry. Second. The driver's education training to reach the designated position. Foreign road transport enterprises have special driver's job training for this enterprise characteristic teaching material made by Hong Kong Kowloon bus company insist every year for decades on the pilot implementation of rotational training for the public to provide very safe high quality public transport services is our mainland model of road transportation enterprise. Once again made by the driver's safety meetings should be in place.

2.Vehicle management. Road transport enterprises to the vehicle management in place must first choose the car. Road transport enterprises in the selection of vehicles on the need to consider the focus are on the premise of ensuring safety as much as possible to have a higher price. The vehicle is a dynamic process, in order to make cars have always kept in good condition, must from the vehicle tube, with, raise, supporting efforts to implement the entire process of management.

3.The road to master in place. The production operation of road transport enterprise is "much, long, wide, complex road", to be in such a complex road conditions to achieve safe production must fully grasp all business line the road conditions. Field observations road across the board composition, bridges, culverts, fork ramp, bend, Village Road towns, with specific location. And these information graph. Indicate the points for attention and should be taken in the event of an emergency driving operation and emergency measures, issued to each driver control knowledge, do know the score.

With the development of modern science and technology, through the GPS global satellite positioning system and the application of vehicle traveling data recorder, the road transport enterprises of the whole process of drivers on the road driving conditions to be real-time monitoring, especially to monitor the running status of vehicles inhibition of speeding, grasp the accident condition real-time vehicle to reduce accidents such as plays a huge role. And let it as a road safety barrier.


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