Micro-organisms exist in HAVAC system can cause odor and in certain cases diseases and allergic reactions. Problems may arise when the number of bacteria, fungi or virus multiplies due to the existence of a conducive environment. The existence of these contaminants in the system can be detected through HVAC system inspection, which can show conditions such as wet filters or water collections in any part of the system such as the consideration tray or pipe.

The existence of green moulds around the wet areas is confirmed sign of pollution in indoor air quality. The position of the access area beside the cooling tower may also be high potential area of pollution. Each case has to be properly identified and corrective action has been taken. Corrective action may include controlling the humidity of certain areas, cleaning or replacing affected areas in the system. However, the use of strong smelling cleaning agents in the HVAC system may cause unpleasant odor throughout the building and may result in further irritation.

Legionnaire’s disease is an occurrence that has to be looked into the HVAC system. The disease is similar to pneumonia is caused by bacteria that can be found in the hot water system, air conditioning system, and the condensation tray. The bacteria may enter the body through inhalation, and can cause high fever, chills, general pain, headache and discomfort of the digestive system in the patient two days to a week after exposure. However, the bacteria will only cause illness to les than 5 percent of those exposed. However, the probability of death is 15 percent from those who have contracted it.

Small mammals and birds may also enter the HVAC system and build nests and hime in the system ducts. These animals may also litter the area or even die in the system causing pollution of the air following through the effected area. Inspection happens when the litter or body of the animal may exude air contaminated with certain viruses, which are then passed through the system and inhaled by the building occupants. This can cause respiratory symptoms such as colds or bronchitis, which may even results in death.

For examples, the hanta virus which is found in the stools of mouse deer is not only found in West America, but also in other parts of the country. However the virus can be neutralized using three precent hypochlorite liquid on the pollutant and the polluted surface for 30 minutes.


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