Is Diesel Better For The Environment?

Is Diesel Better For The Environment?

For as long as there have been drivers on the road, there have been constant complaints over fuel. From diesel to petrol, consumers have debated and will no doubt continue to do so, over the cost, efficiency and environmental impact of both. It seems however that, to this day it is diesel which continues to suffer the most.

Considered the, shall we say, worse of the two; from its price, to the extent of environmental damage it is capable of causing; diesel has yet to be considered anything but bad for the environment. With advancements in technology and improvements by both fuel companies and car manufacturers to increase both the efficiency and improve the carbon footprint diesel vehicles make, should this now not be reconsidered?
Although there is no definitive answer and no way that I could possibly say that yes, diesel is the best for the environment, there are perhaps several things to consider that might make you think twice before you completely dismiss it as the wrong choice for both you and the environment...
  • Many years ago diesel was generally heavier and oiler but today it is far cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
  • Diesel engines get far better mileage than previously which leads to a significant reduction in the release of harmful emissions and potentially far less damage to the environment.
  • New vehicles are now fitted with devices including catalytic converters and particulate filters and operate with the use of Adblue to significantly reduce harmful emissions.
  • Although the cost of diesel is noticeably more than petrol, as diesel engines operate far more efficiently, they use far less fuel and in the long run become far cheaper to run.
  • Diesel vehicles generally emit less C02 then petrol.
  • Although it may depend on the car, diesel vehicles can generally retain their value far better the petrol cars, encouraging a minimal turnover.
Diesel has undergone a bad rap which is understandable, but in the past few years significant improvements in technology have been made to ensure that diesel vehicles are no longer seen as expensive, environmentally damaging vehicles.

Today, an increasing number of drivers are now moving towards diesel and rightfully so. With far better efficiency, better mileage than petrol and increasing initiatives undertaken by automotive companies to improve on reducing harmful emissions as much as possible, diesel is no longer the bad guy.

Understandably until diesel can miraculously be as environmentally efficient as a hybrid/electric vehicle there will always be arguments against it but today if we can say one thing it is that; diesel vehicles are far better for the environment than they have ever been before and that has to count for something doesn't it?

Caroline is the sales team leader at Aid Fuel Cards and Aid Fuel Oils. Providing competitive services throughout the UK.

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