Making A "Smart Start" For Fitness

Making A "Smart Start" For Fitness

To start any health care program on an empowering note, here are a few of my special, personal tips to create new opportunities for successful achievement of your health and wellness goals.

1) Commit to achieving your goals by making yourself right.

When you make choices from a negative perspective, you make yourself wrong, which is a total set-up for failure. There are enough things in life that are positioned to invalidate you, so beating up on yourself is a certain path to disaster. Choosing to create habits that support your health, happiness, and enjoyment of life are empowering motivations. Get clear on what you really want and trust that you have the power and the ability to make a loving commitment to achieve your goals. Know that it is your right to be healthy and happy - whatever that is for you. Give yourself permission to go for and have what you desire.

2) Determine your "ideal" according to who you are.

Get clear on whether you are respecting your cultural and unique characteristics in your concept of health and beauty or whether you are being a "slave to media conditioning." Educate yourself to your body type and form and the fashion styles that compliment you.

3) Respect the process.

A truly bad habit is to be in a hurry for results. It took a lifetime of experiences to get where you are now, so allow yourself time to appreciate your individual process of self-discovery in order to make lasting changes. You do this by:

a) forgiving yourself for your past and respecting it as a learning experience;
b) empowering yourself to be in the NOW by:
i) letting go of the past and choosing to be responsible to your present choices;
ii) creating small goals to lead to larger ones;
iii) affirming yourself through the process without condemning yourself for slip-ups, and
c) educating yourself for intelligent and proper self-care. Learn how and what to do to safely and wisely progress in your personal maintenance program.

4) Begin correctly and enjoy long-lasting results.

Start with professional guidance. Investigate the credentials and educational background of the professionals you choose to ensure they are right for you. Use a search engine to determine what the curriculum is for their certifications, degrees, etc., and research questions (and answers) to interview any prospective pro that you hire. It is wise to make a small investment at the start of your program rather than suffering huge costs (quite probably financial, medical, etc.) caused by attempting to take short-cuts and save a buck. Remember, you are investing in your most valuable resource: you.

5) Trust that you have the right and the power to achieve your goals.

 A few tips for keeping the faith are:

a) develop a routine of daily affirmations. The "chatter" that goes on in your mind can often be influenced by negative thoughts so it is important to consciously affirm yourself to stay motivated;
b) give daily thanks for all you have. An "attitude of gratitude" keeps your focus on just how fortunate you really are which is one of the most empowering, motivational tools you have;
c) like your "exercise look" to feel good about yourself while doing this part of your wellness program; and
d) give yourself daily, weekly and monthly rewards for what you've done towards your goal achievements.

6) Create a loving support system with a motivation partner(s).

Choose someone of "like energy" with whom you easily recognize your true power to share your goals, dreams, stresses, and success. It is important to have someone who is on the same level of commitment and motivation to stay focused and to battle the tough times and naysayers with you. Advertise for an exercise buddy at your fitness facility, online (e.g., on social networking sites), your local newspaper, etc.

7) Be creative and have fun!
 Try new things. Research new modalities. Be brave and try them. You have nothing to lose (choose wisely - see all steps above) and you'll have a good time with new adventures!

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