Road Safety Laws In India:The Need For Change

Road Safety Laws In India:The Need For Change

If Indian pedestrians and passengers have to be protected, road safety laws need to be followed with special care. Violation of basic road safety laws can have tragic and greivous consequences.

While there are many laws regarding the maintenance of safety on Indian roads, lac of observance of basic road safety procedures can also have disastrous consequences. Apart from this, the laws themselves are not being implemented either. One of the most important rules for avoiding road accidents is to never use mobile phones while driving. But Indian drivers lack the fear of law.

They continue to flout road safety laws and many of them can be seen freely talking on their mobile phones even as they drive. Another important must is to ensure that passengers as well as drivers must wear seat-belts while the car is moving. But many passengers do not bother to use the seat-belts because of which they lose their lives or suffer from serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Another important law is that one should never drink and drive. But many youngsters do not follow this law and often imbibe alcohol before they drive. Many tragic car accidents have resulted from the refusal of youngsters to refrain from alcohol before driving their cars. Often, drivers try to speed the cars beyond normal limits and this leads to many crashes as well. Children as well as elderly persons and pedestrians must follow basic safety rules with extra care. People should also avoid driving in case they are tired or under any kind of emotional stress. Walking cautiously is vital as drivers often lack the sense to envisage turns of the pedestrians.

Drivers should be given road safety tips to observe and take care regarding other road users. Keep a safe distance from other cars while driving. Laws regarding Indian traffic currently do not take into account the need for careful regulation of Indian drivers. Many Indians die or suffer from grave injuries as a result of road fatalities. Indiscipline is one of the biggest problems on Indian roads. Lane driving has been likened by the Indian traffic police to sane driving but drivers in many parts of India frequently disobey this cardinal driving rule. If care is not taken to change this and create heavy penalties for drivers who do not observe discipline on the roads, causalities as a consequence of road accidents will continue to rise.

India may ask for good roads and infrastructure, but unless Indian laws create strong safeguards for elders, children and pedestrians, our roads will not remain safe for people. One of the worse sights observed on roads is the errant driver attempting to bribe a traffic constable who has caught him or her. People often think paying their way out of trouble is right. But this can have negative consequences for road discipline.

Road hogs who drive others off the road do not deserve lenient punishment. Cautious drivers are often derided for the precautions they take. The whole mentality towards road safety needs to change if people have to be protected from road accidents. Toughening road safety laws in India will contribute to it. Bus drivers also need to be sensitized and made aware about the vital importance of following traffic safety rules and observing speed limits.

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