Gastric patients have a great chance of recovery with immunotherapy

Gastric patients have a great chance of recovery with immunotherapy

Gastric cancer arises from the lining of the stomach's wall and it also a form of malignant tumour. The rate of incidence of this tumour is highest in men with age of 40 years.There are several factors are identified, who are responsible to increase the risk of this tumour, which involves gender (men have more than two times of the risk than women), genetics (genetic abnormalities and hereditary cancer syndromes), blood group (blood group A), age (age group of 70 to 75 years), family history, work related exposure (cancer causing agents are present in work  area such as mining timber and tuber processing, nickel refining), and certain health condition such as chronic gastritis, previous surgery of stomach, and much more. Unhealthy lifestyle habits are also increases the risk of this cancer such as drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, eating a diet with low in fruits and vegetables.

The symptoms caused by peptic ulcer are much similar to symptoms of gastric cancers. Such symptoms are observed that involves indigestion, loss of appetite, feel discomfort after meal, nausea, vomiting and much more.

This tumour is classified into five stages that involve stage 0 (early stage), stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4 (advanced stage). Although, this tumour can often be prevented and cured, if treatment started at an early stage, but unfortunately early stage of this tumour is asymptomatic and due to this reason, the tumour is identified at the advanced stage.

The immunotherapeutic agents are used to treat this tumour via immunotherapies. Monoclonal antibody (MAB), therapeutic vaccines, adoptive T cell therapy, and cytokines are types of immunotherapeutic agents. Trastuzumab and Ramucirumab, both are clinically approved via Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of this tumour. Trastuzumab, approved as first line treatment for this tumourin combination with Cisplatin and fluorouracil. This drug is directly inhibits to human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER 2). Ramucirumab, approved for recurrent gastric and GE junction cancer after primary treatment either as a single agent (Platinum) or in combination with chemotherapy (Fluropyrimidine). This drug is directly inhibits to human vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2(VEGFR 2).

 Immunotherapy is developed as a novel treatment of gastric cancer, because it consist of therapies that depends upon the location, size and stage of the tumour and also depend on the general health of patients. Although, immunotherapies and antibody drug conjugates have fewer side effects than others.
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