How to Prevent Fire

How to Prevent Fire

Fire, which remains as a symbol of sanctity and purification, can prove very destructive when it comes to material terms, especially when it meets ignorance. Knowledge pertaining to the prevention of fire accidents is essential for every individual, as we all stay within close proximity of fire every day. Fire, while being extremely useful in terms of getting our daily activities done, also spreads with a rapid speed when occurred, and can be a potential threat to many people living nearby.

Many industries and companies have made it a practice to provide fire safety training to their employees, which forms one of the most essential parameters for the safe functioning of the organization. Given below are few fire safely regulations that one must follow in order to prevent the chances of fire accidents
  • Get safety alarms installed in the house/office/ restaurants, and all associated areas which are prone to fire emergencies. Besides fitting them, they should be checked regularly, and their batteries need to be changed. Pick those alarms that have a BS kitemark.
  • Keep a fixed fire guard around areas which are prone to open fires. These are available in any store, and they will give you proper protection against open fires.
  • Place first aid box at places where they’ll come handy in case of emergency situations. All offices, theaters, restaurants, and other public places should be provided with an emergency exit, which will help you relocate safely from the place that has caught fire.
  • Proper ventilation is very important, as it helps in reducing the risk of fire. Kitchen areas of the house are more prone to catch fire, so ask you constructor to design a proper kitchen for you that will be safe and properly ventilated.
  • It is necessary that you unplug all the switches at nighttime before going to sleep. Also turn off the main knob of your LPG gas before going to sleep. A small leak from the LPG or any fluctuations in the electric current can also damage the fuses and electrical appliances, which can ultimately result in fire.
  • Provide proper earthing to your electrical appliances that use large amount of current. If they are not earthed properly it is likely that they will damage the whole circuit of your house, in case of short circuits, and may result in fire.
  • Never place any wires or electrical cables under the carpets, they increase the risk of fire
  • Always look for electrical appliances that are rated correctly. Fuses and appliances that drive more amount of current can be problematic, and are at the risk of catching fire easily.
  • Multi-way plug socket adapters should not be used in the houses. They increase the risk of short circuits and fire accidents.
  • When you are using candles in your house place them in a proper candle holder. Keep them away from your children. If unknowingly they fall over the carpet, there are chances of fire accidents.
  • Avoid smoking in the areas that are too compact and are not ventilated properly. The ash trays that you use at your home should be kept in a safe place such that the sparks from it do not fall on the ground. If something that is present on the ground can easily catch fire, it could be dangerous for you.
  • If possible, avoid using hot and sparking tools in your house.  If you are using soldering gun or any DIY equipment, then do follow necessary safety practices, so that they don’t cause damage to any other things present around.
  • Do not make use of satin and silk curtains in your kitchens and around the fire places in your house. They are highly prone to fire.
  • Do not keep the heater close to the furniture or any other fire catching materials
  • If your house catches fire then make an escape plan immediately to escape from your house and close all the doors and windows of your house to prevent the fire from spreading. If you think you have time, unplug bigger appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine, television etc.
  • You need to use your common sense and make proper plans to save yourself and people around you if there is sudden fire in your house. Know your fire-emergency number, so that you can call them immediately.
Preventing fire accidents is our responsibility as individuals, and we need to ensure that we follow the necessary measures, for we, as lives, are interdependent in terms of survival.

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