Fire Safety Equipments- How To Maintain Them Properly?

Fire Safety Equipments- How To Maintain Them Properly?

Fire safety has always been a major concern for businesses and commercial buildings. Apparently, the presence of fire equipments encourage people to act in the defence of residents, family and employees. Fire safety equipments installed in your building keep people safe wherever they work and live. Being a part of protection, different devices have been installed in homes and industries. A variety of these equipments include extinguishers, sprinklers, fire alarms, fire blankets and fire detectors.
Fire Safety Equipments- How To Maintain Them Properly?

Regular inspection and servicing of the equipment which is meant for the safety of occupants to the applicable standards is very crucial. Annual inspections are done and annual fire safety statement reports are preparedto ensure the functionality of equipments and maintain all other aspects of fire safety management.

The installation of fire safety equipments involves nothing but a small part of fire prevention. Installing various fire safety devices at your building, does not guarantee protection at all. Maintenance and testing of safety tools and equipments also play an important role in prevention. Thus, to determine repairs and replacements, all the equipments should be checked regularly.

Fire specialists should be consulted for compliance and regulations set by law. They will provide you with the annual fire safety statement which is important to ensure that all your fire safety equipments are in good condition and working properly. Routine inspections benefit home owners and businesses in terms of lowering fire risk factors.

A large variety of equipment such as extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinkler systems etc. require proper care and supervision. Safety devices also need to go through maintenance check-ups and testing procedures. It is also advisable to avail services of fire specialists and authorities in terms of handling inspections. It is also advisable to consult the manufacturer of equipments regarding annual fire safety statement.

Basically, there are three steps included in fire safety and prevention. Firstly- it is important to ensure that proper fire safety equipment has been installed. The second step is the knowledge and experience of procedures and instructions. And the last step is- maintenance and testing of devices. The consideration of each step shows the commitment and support in minimising fire hazards and potential risks.

To maintain fire safety equipments, a yearly basic service is performed. To check the proper functionality of fire extinguishers, safety clip and indicating devices are inspected to check out whether it has been operated. The body of the fire safety equipments is examined for corrosion, dents or damage. The fire equipments are weighed for loss of contents. For accuracy and readability, operating instructions are verified. In case of fire extinguishers, gas cartridges are inspected as well.
Be it a home or a commercial building, the basic requirement of any building is the presence of a fire fighting equipment in a good operating condition. This is greatly essential to maintain regular maintenance checks with a suitable plan. This is really important to maintain the equipments to comply the relevant standards and conditions.

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