Vehicles Safety

Vehicles Safety

Vehicles Safety
With China in '09 among the world's largest Car The market, actually many cities into your car community. Accidents due to vehicles are becoming a focus of attention. First half 2009, 107,193 road traffic accidents occurred nationwide, producing 29,866 deaths, down 18.7% year on year respectively, and 10.5% surge in car ownership in the event that, additionally, it proves China Automotive Safety The situation has improved, however the people Automotive Safety Awareness has to be improved. 

  Man from the Year: Sun Weiming 2009   7 months, the Chengdu Intermediate People's Court for the "crime of dangerous means," Sun Weiming sentenced to death (later commuted your imprisonment), missing out on political rights for life-long. Sun Weiming The case attracted widespread national influence, and led straight to a nationwide crackdown on drink driving remediation actions. 

  To enhance vehicle safety Now, security is the most important factors affecting consumers one car, along with promotion with the safety performance of the respective manufacturers, the latest can be referenced only from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, conducted by C-NCAP (China New car evaluation procedures), even though controversy due to this project relatively large, but all things considered, aroused the public's safety seriously. 

  2009 year conducted C-NCAP test all 23 models inside the two-star vehicle rating in comparison with 4.3%, 3-star vehicles and 13%, 4-star vehicle ratio was 30.4%, 5-star vehicle ratio was 52.2%, has over fifty percent. 

  "Domestic automobile safety rapid progress has exceeded our expectations." In the past C-NCAP evaluation on the results from the last conference, the director from the Institute of BARI trial, C-NCAP Management Center Director Li Wei River sighed. 

  6 this past year, the past batch of test models, 5 models received the best five-star evaluations, five-star ratio of 85%, the steam Zhao Hang, director of research, said: "In 2006 just started C-NCAP, when, two, three weeks inside majority, is a greater proportion of five-star, also shows the progress of China's automotive safety technology. " 

  Is worth mentioning that, during 2009, evaluation of 6 outstanding achievements of small passenger cars, whether own brand or perhaps a joint venture brand models, evaluation scores and stars employ a larger increase when compared to previous years. Seat belt reminder, airbags and air curtains along with safety features greatly improve the popularity in the ratio for consumers and society a growing number of security, more charm products. 

  See results and progress within the same time, and also an objective analysis of existing problems and shortcomings, also, use of more than five-star performance evaluation models are nevertheless mainly inside the security configuration more complete high-end products, but can not with respect to all the same products; the opposite hand, there will still be relatively low star models, indicating there will still be some technical and quality issues. Therefore, the advantages of further focus to vehicle safety car companies, efforts to enhance product quality. 

              C-NCAP tested the main automotive passive safety, vehicle manufacturers generally believe by means of active safety technology might possibly reduce the safety of human negligence caused the accident, and towards the configuration found in vehicles. For example, an increasing number of widespread using body Electronic Stable system (ElectronicStablityProgram, known as ESP), it might monitor the vehicle's driving status whenever you want, if the car in desperate situations dodge obstacles, when snow and ice roads to counteract traffic deviation. Another example is pre-crash safety system (PCS), auto-sensing headlights and night vision assist system, tire pressure monitoring system etc.

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